Sunday, August 30, 2015

Wholesome Schmolesome

Just a quick post about my weekend!


Went to an orientation for an organization I signed up for in the morning. I had to wake up a little early (that's a lot to ask for from me ON A SATURDAY) and I'm pretty happy I went. I can't wait to see how the rest of the year is gonna pan out! I took a 2 hour nap after the orientation and woke up to craaaaaazy raining outside. The rain didn't stop me from heading out for some food though ;) Below are some pictures I took from merienda at Eat Fresh Hong Kong Famous Street Food.

Fish Balls, Lobster Balls, and Fried Scallops

Pancake Balls

Everything I had was good. I've always loved HK food especially since the best pork chop I've ever tasted was from this tiny restaurant in Hong Kong my family and I went to a few years back. I was actually in Hong Kong just last month and I kept on seeing all these stalls selling pancake balls. Out of curiosity, I tried out the ones from Eat Fresh and they were heavenly. So fluffy and light! Now I'm sad I didn't try them out earlier :(


Headed out to The Fort to have lunch with some relatives. My cousin just passed her Physician Licensure Examinations so we just had to celebrate. We got a table at The Wholesome Table (the one in Central Square). I took pictures of the food, of course. 

Veggie burger

The Barcelona Pizza

Pork Chops!!!!1

The Wholesome Table is all about organic food. I like my food greasy (pretty much just unhealthy in general), but I still found the food pretty good. My favorites would have to be their Chicken Parmigiana (not pictured) and the fries that came with the Veggie Burger. The pizza was very filling and had yummy salami. The pork was a little fatty but the sauce and soft meat more than made up for that. We ordered pasta as well but I didn't get to try it out anymore :(

Anyway, that's it! It's raining pretty hard right now so I'm just gonna snuggle up in bed and watch a horror movie.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!! xx


  1. Everything looks delicious. Especially the burger x

    -Wildfire Charm

  2. I am now craving for a Takoyaki :)))

  3. Mmm those pancake balls look yummy :)

    Rachel xx

  4. What a delicious food. I cannot hold myself to eat such types of delicious food

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  5. Mmmm I'm drooling! The street food in Hong Kong looks delicious- I've tried pancake balls here in Australia but yours look far better :)

    Rachel xx