Sunday, August 30, 2015

Wholesome Schmolesome

Just a quick post about my weekend!


Went to an orientation for an organization I signed up for in the morning. I had to wake up a little early (that's a lot to ask for from me ON A SATURDAY) and I'm pretty happy I went. I can't wait to see how the rest of the year is gonna pan out! I took a 2 hour nap after the orientation and woke up to craaaaaazy raining outside. The rain didn't stop me from heading out for some food though ;) Below are some pictures I took from merienda at Eat Fresh Hong Kong Famous Street Food.

Fish Balls, Lobster Balls, and Fried Scallops

Pancake Balls

Everything I had was good. I've always loved HK food especially since the best pork chop I've ever tasted was from this tiny restaurant in Hong Kong my family and I went to a few years back. I was actually in Hong Kong just last month and I kept on seeing all these stalls selling pancake balls. Out of curiosity, I tried out the ones from Eat Fresh and they were heavenly. So fluffy and light! Now I'm sad I didn't try them out earlier :(


Headed out to The Fort to have lunch with some relatives. My cousin just passed her Physician Licensure Examinations so we just had to celebrate. We got a table at The Wholesome Table (the one in Central Square). I took pictures of the food, of course. 

Veggie burger

The Barcelona Pizza

Pork Chops!!!!1

The Wholesome Table is all about organic food. I like my food greasy (pretty much just unhealthy in general), but I still found the food pretty good. My favorites would have to be their Chicken Parmigiana (not pictured) and the fries that came with the Veggie Burger. The pizza was very filling and had yummy salami. The pork was a little fatty but the sauce and soft meat more than made up for that. We ordered pasta as well but I didn't get to try it out anymore :(

Anyway, that's it! It's raining pretty hard right now so I'm just gonna snuggle up in bed and watch a horror movie.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!! xx

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Midweek Madness

Finally Friday tomorrow! Even though classes were still pretty mellow this week, I couldn't help but get stressed. I'm am soooo insanely anxious so I'm happy the (school) week is almost over. Anyway, just a couple of random updates below!

  • My partner and I applied for thesis subsidy. Please wish us luck! We really need all the help we can get as we will be doing a loooot of molecular work involving some really expensive reagents :(
  • I got a haircut yesterday. Super spur of the moment decision but I'm pretty happy with the results. My hair's back to being short and I can't say I regret it. I've always preferred my hair short but my mom was insisting I grow my hair out for my graduation picture. This time I'll grow it out na, promise!
  • Went shopping for my mom yesterday & I managed to get myself a few things as well!
  • Speaking of shopping, I really want to get myself these super cute gladiators from Topshop....but my boyfriend won't let me :( He keeps on calling me "centipede" for owning "so many" pairs of shoes :((((( (+ Is it just me or do Topshop shoes hurt like crazy?!)
  • I got myself new lippies this week! Below is me wearing my new Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in Antwerp. (Sorry for this horrible photo, I got so bored after I got home from school so I played around with Photobooth!)

That's it for now. 3 classes, 1 orientation, and 1 more org GA to go!!! Can't wait for the long weekend! 

How's everyone's week going?  


Saturday, August 22, 2015

Saturday Snaps

I had a pretty low-key Saturday (as always). Just a little shopping and then went hopping from one place to another. I woke up at lunch time, left and went shopping for a bit, then afterwards headed out to Maginhawa to check out this Harry Potter-themed cafe that just opened up. Got there around 3 or 4 PM and there was actually a queue outside! Not wanting to line up (it was drizzling!), I decided I wanted churros for merienda instead.

I ordered churros con chocolate from Sancho Churreria Manila and I loved it! Perfect for the gloomy weather. The churros were a tad bit oily but I definitely like them better than the churros from La Lola, especially since the order came with a really generous serving of yummy chocolate dip! My boyfriend, who's been coughing like crazy for the past few days, ordered the spinach soup. I tried a couple spoonfuls and I found it delicious as well.

After our merienda, we went back to Katipunan, dropped by National Bookstore, and then finally decided to just head out to UP Town Center. We just went around the mall for a bit and then right before leaving, we stumbled upon this stall selling all sorts of Italian delicacies! My boyfriend got a risotto ball while I got a ginormous calzone to eat for dinner. Funny thing is, while waiting for our orders to get heated up, one of the owners noticed us looking at the cold cuts so he takes the whole slab out and cuts us some portions to try out! We headed home after that, with me happily eating my calzone.

Happy me with my yummy calzone (and yup, my nails are so badly chipped)
That's it for now! I still have a couple readings to read for my classes. Stay warm, everyone! xx